Soviet circuit workout session

for boxers

Physical training is essential for any boxer
Soviet boxers used circuit workout sessions to build up their strength, speed, and stamina. This training technique provides complex improvements to one's endurance and overall physical condition.

It is also known nowadays as CrossFit.

We're going to provide you with an effective circuit workout session aimed at enhancing your punching technique and body coordination.

It includes 9 rounds of exercise 3 minutes each, as well as warm-up, cardio, and stretching sessions.

Prerequisite (possible replacements listed in brackets):
  • Two lightweight dumbbells ~1 kg each (two plastic bottles filled with water)
  • A bench or a step (a sofa)
  • A barbell (a mop)
  • A truck tyre (a pillow)
Each exercise is demonstrated by our coach and explained in detail, allowing you to achieve a most effective performance.

Alexey Frolov

A top tier coach
AIBA cerified coach (three AIBA stars)

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