«Biomechanics of boxing»,
Alexey Frolov's online course

In this course you will learn the basic stances and how to improve your punching using the study of biomechanics

The course contains six modules and the opportunity to have your questions answered by our coach

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Who is this course for:
  • Beginners
    Our course will help you learn the basics of boxing – the most common punches and stances – and how your body works when attacking or defending. This knowledge is going to be a great stepping stone for you to improve your skills in the future, working with a coach or on your own.
  • Skilled boxers
    Our course will help you improve your understanding of the boxing basics, hone your punching, analyse how jabs, hooks and uppercuts work from the standpoint of ergonomics.
  • Coaches
    Our course will help you get your training to a whole new level. You're going to learn how to engage your students with a variety of approaches and how to teach them the most effective combat methods. Our course will also provide you with some exercises that you might find useful for your students.
The structure of our course
6 accessible modules
You will gain access to all 6 modules of our course, including the warm-up and stretching sessions, immediately after payment!
Monthly feedback
Once a month Alexey Frolov will do a special Q&A video to answer your questions.

Ask your own questions and watch how our coach answers somebody else's ones!
Access to the modules
Train at your own tempo whenever you like.

You will have the life-long access to the course.

The cost of the course is 150 dollars.
Modules description
Our course can be completed on one's own or with the help of a coach. Each module starts with a warm-up session and has a stretching session in thе end.
Our coach will answer your questions regarding the course.
Alexey Frolov
A top tier coach. AIBA certified coach (three AIBA stars)
  • Alexey Frolov has worked as a senior coach for Moscow Ladies boxing team for seven years. He has also worked with the Russian national team.
  • Alexey Frolov is the personal coach of Saadat Dalgatova – a world renown boxer, 7x Russian champion, member of the Russian national squad, a World Championship runner-up and an Olympic Games participant.
  • He is also the first coach of Nikolay Romanov – a Ukrainian champion and a participant of the 2010 World Championship.
  • Ten of Alexey Frolov's students are awarded with a Master of Sports title in Russia.
  • Alexey Frolov is a well-known Russian boxing coach who has also led a number of boxing workshops in other countries.
  • Alexey Frolov's Boxing School Youtube channel has more than 250.000 subscribers from more than 50 countries.
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